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LLED 541: Theories and Research on Teaching Literature K-12

This course examines original and current research in the reception and teaching of literature in and out of schools from a variety of theoretical perspectives, including cultural studies, multicultural education, feminist theory, poststructuralist theory, semiotic theory, and postcolonial theory.   We  draw on these perspectives and trends to investigate research and practices that foster literary engagement and to interrogate research methodologies. 

LLED 449: Teaching Adolescents’ Literature


            This course is intended to introduce prospective teachers to the range of literature and literary genres written for and read by adolescents. We will also explore approaches to teaching this literature to secondary students, focusing on ways to engage students in response and interpretation.  Assumptions for the course include: There is no fixed definition of what constitutes literature for adolescents; Literature works are representations of culture as well as being aesthetic works; We begin with students’ own responses in order to help them develop critical interpretive skills.

LLED 565: Adolescent Literacies

This course looks at youth literacy practices from the broad perspective of the uses of print and multimodal and digital literacy resources across home, community and school contexts for a variety of purposes and outcomes.

LLED 601B/602: Doctoral Seminar, Research Methodologies